How to eat garlic oil

How to eat garlic oil

  1. After the extraction of garlic oil, although it is amber transparent liquid, the garlic oil sold on the market is mostly soft capsules or dropping pills after processing. Such garlic oil products can be directly orally taken after purchase. Take 2 to 3 capsules according to the instructions when taking them. Place them directly in the mouth and serve them with warm water.

2, if you buy the garlic oil, not the soft capsule after processing, but the liquid natural oil, you can use it as a seasoning oil, usually people can add salad or soup dishes, you can join Appropriate amount of garlic oil, sometimes pay attention to try not to touch the high temperature at night, otherwise it will cause a lot of active ingredients to be lost, which will make its health care function weaken a lot.

Use of garlic oil

1, garlic oil has many different uses in life, disease prevention and disease resistance, enhance physical fitness is one of its common uses, usually people take some garlic oil, can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses in the human body, can reduce Their harm to the human body can prevent some infectious diseases and epidemic diseases.

2, garlic oil can also be used as food additives in life, especially those who engage in large-scale farming, can add garlic oil to the animal’s feed, which can effectively increase the appetite of the farmed animals, allowing them to ingest more More nutrients, promote their rapid growth, can effectively shorten the breeding time, and prevent them from infecting the virus and reducing their incidence.