Garlic oil

Product: Garlic Oil

garlic oil
garlic oil

Package: 50kg/drum

garlic oil
garlic oil

garlic oil

Production Process:After the garlic is peeled and cleaned, it is produced by a special process, and the garlic oil is extracted by high-temperature distillation.

Main components: Garlic oil mainly contains propyl disulfide, sulfurized dipropylene, and disulfide disulfide.

Properties: Garlic oil is a colorless to light yellow volatile oily liquid with strong garlic smell and spicy taste.

Allicin(%) : 50-65

Refractive index (20 ° C) : 1.5590~1.5900

Relative density (20 ° C) : 1.0400~1.0950

Acid value mg .KOH/g : ≤ 20.0

Peroxide value, g/100g : ≤ 0.5

Arsenic (as As)% : ≤0.0002

Heavy metal (in Pb)% : ≤ 0.001

Features: Garlic oil has the flavor of raw garlic, no specific garlic odor, stable allicin content; not completely dissolved in ethanol.

Packing and storage: 1kg/drum、5kg/drum、10kg/drum、25kg /drum, stored at room temperature and protected from light, with a shelf life of 24 months, better storage in cold storage. Pay attention to prevent odor